What really excites us for Christmas

It’s the time for parties, shopping and giving!

Here in the Philippines, December is the most awaited month of the year. Most Filipinos are Catholics so we are really looking forward in celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. One trivia even claims that our country holds the record of celebrating the longest Christmas season. I don’t know if it’s true but if given the chance to experience Christmas in other countries, I could perhaps tell.

Christmas is starting to be felt in the Philippines on the start of those months with the “ber” endings. During this time, the weather starts to cool down, business establishments and even houses are starting to be adorned with those decors. In my case however, I didn’t grow up to a family with a Christmas tree, parol (Filipino lantern), and those Christmas stockings. The modest decor that my family have is a set of blinking and singing Christmas lights. The weird thing is that I never remembered asking my Nanay (mother) of how come we didn’t have a tree. Perhaps, I was already aware of my Nanay’s prudence. If I asked her that question, I know what answer I would get.

The month of December is also something that I am looking forward every year. Aside from the holidays, this month also happens to be my birthday. Mind you people there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages on being born in this season of giving. One clear disadvantage is that my friends are somewhat saved from buying me two gifts! I should have two gifts even though it’s December! My birthday and the Lord’s birthday are two different events. One advantage on the contrary is that I sure have the money to treat everyone on my birthday. The Christmas bonus and my 13th month pay saved me from having a broke birthday.

But come to think of it, at the end of the day, what is really so exciting about Christmas? Is it really because we are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ?

My personal opinion and observation is that Christmas provides us the reason and the opportunity to experience the things that we don’t normally have in the remaining 11 months of the year. This is one reason that excites us for Christmas.

Christmas is the only time of the year when we make those Christmas lists, shop and wrap those gifts, attend consecutive parties, indulge on those meals, receive more money, rest for a while and enjoy time with the family. Things like these do not happen to us everyday. It’s only this season that provides us with this opportunity. Hence, we exert the time and effort in making the holiday a memorable one. And I believe that this is the more exciting part that makes the season. It’s the rush and all those preparations that we make that forms the excitement with the season. A lot of people complain of the holiday rush, traffic and the crowded places of shopping malls. But I personally feel that these hassles are part of the season’s excitement. Without the rush and bulk of people around, the Christmas fever will never be felt.

Enjoy the holiday rush and stress friends! This only comes once a year. I wish everyone a safe, blessed and happy Christmas!

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