It will be Christmas and my Birthday soon…

Dear God,

I don’t know what are your plans for me and my family. But as always, I have no choice. I am forced to follow your will.

Barely months before Christmas and my birthday last year, you subjected me to this one big trial. You know how much suffering I endured those times. I cry myself to sleep every night, days before my birthday. But I decided to follow your will. I did what I knew was right, let go, forget and move on. Despite those moments of tears, grief and suffering, I am still thankful because it was over.

But this year, you gave me another source of pain and misery. It’s just days before my birthday. I hope you realize it. What is this again? After taking away an opportunity last September, you are again taking away something from me? I know it’s just money, but as you can see it’s more than the money. It’s about me, my family and all of my hardwork. You know how much I work hard for me and my family. Every centavo I earn for my family is a product of pure and honest hardwork. I did not steal anything. I honestly labored for everything I have right now. So why did you suddenly allow a chunk of my meager income to go to the hands of those ruthless criminals? I honestly feel that everything was planned and made in perfect timing. Perfect timing to ruin my birthday and the supposedly joyous season.

I definitely have no choice but to let this pass. I should move on and again work harder to recover the money that was heartlessly taken away from me. If you are listening to me, you know how I feel. You know how much more sacrifice I have to make. You know that despite of everything, I still need to wake up, report to work, accomplish my responsibilities, attend Christmas parties and act as if I am happy in this supposedly festive season.

I am sorry for feeling some degree of resentment. I and my family are now paying for the selfishness made by this ruthless criminal, days before my birthday and Christmas. How about that?

Whatever the reasons for this God, I will not be able to know and realize it today. But this is one thing I want to tell you, I have enough of everything. I know there will be more trials and challenges to come in the next years, but at this point, I feel that I already have too much…

4 thoughts on “It will be Christmas and my Birthday soon…

  1. I found your page listed in the “Family” tags…
    I’m always looking for good reading, and when you
    find it, you just know. There is something inherently
    beautiful about people from all different walks of life
    finding a connection through shared experience, and
    not all have the courage to be transparent & authentic.
    Many blessings,

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