I don’t want to become the BIG WINNER!

Early this year, I went malling with my college friend, Gracie. We spent the day window shopping, eating and a making lot of catching up stories.  I was astonished when she told me that she already transferred to a new company. She is now working in a government agency, that is just blocks away from my work place.

I never expected that she would leave her previous employer. When we once had dinner like two to three years ago, she was telling me how happy she was with her group of officemates. Though the salary and opportunities were not that promising, she remained loyal with her previous employer.

Eventually, Gracie admitted to me that it was her friends who really influenced her to stay. I cannot recall her exact number of friends. As far as I can remember, they were 8 happy people rolled in one group. They have lunches, sleepovers and all those work adventures. Eventually, those 8 people were reduced to like 5 members. Resignation and transfer to better companies were the primary causes of their separation. Gracie even told me that she can feel the desire of her other friends to look for better jobs and they could understand each other. Gracie once joked to me that in the end, she doesn’t want to be the big winner among her friends. Being the big winner meant being the last person to be left in the workplace.

My friend Anne also surprised me with her career move.  We went employed after graduation in the same month. We are perhaps the few people in the world who remained with our first employers for six years. Anne works in a local universal bank and is now transferring to a high-end international bank. She will start on her new work tomorrow and if you are reading this my friend, I am wishing you a big good luck! With all your talent and perseverance, I know you will become an asset to them.

My simplest intention of writing this piece is to shout out Gracie’s conviction, “I DON’T WANT TO BECOME THE BIG WINNER TOO!”

I am not saying that I am in the worst workplace condition. I still love my job and my workplace. My job still permits me to write and teach (a job which I have a love hate relationship). However, I am haunted by the idea of trying to move out of my comfort zone and explore other possible opportunities in the industrial sector. I want to meet other people, go to different places and try out other line of work.

However, these things are always easier said than done. The idea of transferring to another job requires a lot of considerations, the nature of work, pay,  location, etc.

I am now learning something unwritten. School and books  never taught me that the more you stay in your workplace, the more it will be difficult for you to leave it. This situation makes me become more attached to my comfort zone which obviously makes it more harder for me to get detached from it.

But on top of everything, if God is listening, please…. Don’t make me the big winner!

But if you will make me the big winner, please make me a happy and not a miserable big winner…

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