A Laugh-Out-Loud Read for the Halloween

I just finished reading Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella and if I would rate it, I would give it 5 out of 5 stars!

My friend Anne was the one who first purchased the book around December of last year. Over the holidays, Anne told me she finds the book super hilarious. This is something I never expected because I thought the book deals about some ghost story.

I bought the book with a little interest over it last month. I did not care to read it because I was engrossed reading Eat Pray Love.  But when I finished the book today,  I was a bit regretful of not prioritizing it. It was an endearing yet a hell of a laugh-out-loud work of Kinsella. If you appreciated Kinsella for her Shopaholic series, you will love her more for this book. You will realize that Sophie Kinsella is more than the goddess of the Shopaholic series.

The story’s protagonist is Lara Lington. However, I think the story evolved much on her great aunt Sadie who was a ghost. So as you can see , there’s this ghost element which makes the book fitting for a Halloween read. Sadie kept bombarding Lara to help her find her necklace. Yes, it’s only a necklace and not some unfinished business or a kept secret of  a dead person. Since Sadie is a ghost, only a limited people see and hear her. Unfortunately Lara was the only one who could both see and hear her.

The initial mission of Lara was to fulfill her promise of returning Sadie’s necklace. The book cover of my own copy provides a sneak preview of the necklace.

However, a lot of things and events came in as Lara was fulfilling her mission with Sadie. Lara was left alone by her best friend Natalie to run their newly established recruitment or headhunting company. Lara was desperate to reconcile with her boyfriend, Josh, who broke up with her for no concrete reason at all. Lara also discovers some secrets of his business tycoon uncle, Bill Lington and daughter Diamante. In the course of the necklace hunt, great aunt Sadie forces Lara to date Mr. American Frown named Ed.

Aside from the adventures and misadventures, Lara finds her way realizing the importance of family and unintentionally falling with love with Ed.

Kinsella’s Twenties Girl embodies the typical humor element in her Shopaholic series. But what I appreciate in this work is the emphasis on family relationships, women empowerment and making me believe that somewhere along the way… one would always find love. (Damn!  I’m getting so cheesy!)

This now makes me realize that these three elements are always present in Kinsella’s works. Rebecca Bloomwood of the Shopaholic series, Emma Corrigan of Can you keep a secret?, Samantha Sweeting of The Undomestic Goddess and Lexi Smart of Remember Me are all females. Kinsella’s vision of the protagonists should always be a strong, hilariously stupid but a renewed and redeemed female character in the end. Family is always part of the characters’ line up and finding “the one” is part of her sweet happy ending.

Kinsella emphasized the important role of the family in Lara Lington’s character. When everything else fails, the family is always there. Your family loves you with all your failures and wrong decisions in life. Kinsella’s depiction of the family are people who will always love the perfectly imperfect person in you.

Every woman is destined to redeem herself amidst those antagonists and failures in life. Kinsella have shown in the novel that women are capable of doing those stupid, crazy and unnecessarily nasty things. But at the end of the day, she learns from it and stands up as a more empowered person. This is what exactly happened to Lara Lington. With the help of Sadie, Lara used her failures to cross the bridge leading to success.

Every woman will have her own unique and romantic fairy tale. This is I feel an implied message that Kinsella wants to communicate to her female readers. Somewhere, in your journey, the right man will come along. When this happens, all things will suddenly fall in the right place.

The only weakness I felt in the novel was a little element of predictability when Lara discovered that her Aunt Sadie’s portrait was sold to the London Portrait Gallery. I already had a feel that Uncle Bill was the one who sold it. I also then predicted that after all, his uncle’s concept of two coins as his path to business success was a fake.  Lara’s blooming relationship with Ed was also something I already expected. Ed by the way was responsible for the title of the book.

If you are looking for some light, hilarious but romantic read, then Twenties Girl is one of the best choices. It’s a chick lit that will leave you a laugh-out-loud, touching and romantic feel at the end of an ordinary or a tiring day.

One thought on “A Laugh-Out-Loud Read for the Halloween

  1. Hi Diane,

    I am also a Kinsella fan. I particularly enjoyed reading Shopaholic & Sister. This is my favorite book of all Kinsella books. I particularly enjoyed the part where Jess explains the sack of potatoes! ^_^

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