Writing the 365 days of my life

Believe it or not, I started to own my first planner in my 26th year of existence. I was already in my fifth year of working on that year.  I bought my first ever planner on the first Thanks God it’s Friday of January. I intend to purchase a good read from National Bookstore for the weekend. After finding the right book, I found myself in the calendar section. Later on, I already took home this 2009 environmentally inspired planner.

Envy over my friends who are excitedly writing on their most coveted Starbucks Planner could explain why I was encouraged to purchase one. I initially wanted to complete the stickers in that infamous Starbucks card. But since I am no coffee addict, I accepted the fact that I can’t make it. If Starbucks will have a tie up with Esprit, Guess, Wendy’s or Taco Bell, then I will surely have the planner in less than 2 months.

I am an ordinary rank and file employee. So definitely, the entries in my planner would never contain the typical terms such as meeting at 5 pm with Company A, management committee meeting, monthly presentation, etc. What I rather have inside my planner are short chronicles of my daily activities. I would note some shopping and movie dates with my girlfriends, meet up with old friends, stupid moments, lousy days, minor accomplishments and some first hand experiences in life. 

Why am I suddenly writing this? It’s all because of the unintentional discovery of my buried 2009 planner. As I browse over my old planner, I found not just archives but living memories of the departed year.  I found entries that marked the day when my metal wires were installed, my graduate school graduation, cramming for my class lecture, penniless days, shopping splurge weekends, my first ever sprain, my grandmother’s last birthday, pestered workday, how I felt after purchasing my first smart phone, and some days when I just feel like crying.    

If I would write all the highlights of my daily activities, I should have 365 notes in my planner. But unfortunately, this is a something left unaccomplished for me. As I browse over the planner I found days with blank entries and I really regret this…

The blank spaces in my planner are like time that can never be recovered. I cannot totally recall what happened each day in those 365 days.  Unfortunately, I failed to realize that the planner serves as my own portal of what and where am I on the previous time. The planner will allow me to discover and learn from myself. Did I become a better person? Did I learn more? Did I change? I could have a basis in answering these self-questions, if only I have patiently devoted part of my time in building my thick and entry loaded planner. On the lighter side, I find enjoyment in reading entries from my old planner. I find myself laughing and learning on those stupid decisions and mistakes I made.   

For 2010, I bought myself a pricier planner. My current planner is more loaded than my previous one. It has discount coupons to my favorite shops and equipped with some useful materials for the females. My writing pattern was the same. My planner was loaded with entries on the first months. But the entries tend to diminish over the next months. I still have wasted months with a lot of blank pages. I never have learned my lesson.

My realization now boils down to the basic fact that without the memories, life would be like the wasted blank pages in my planner. Memories however need not to be limited on those blissful moments. Memories are both moments of heaven, hell, bliss and misery.  Wherever life takes me, I should not waste each of its pages. I must write them down and someday look them as living entries in the archive of my life.

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