Customer Service, Obedience and Discpline

The FX Bay of the Gateway Mall is my normal destination on the way home. Ever since I started working after college, the FX Bay has been part of my daily itinerary for six years. The FX Bay used to be a very disorganized and chaotic commuters’ area five years ago. I still remember seeing commuters rushing and fighting like ants to one arriving FX Taxi to get them home.

Over time, the management of Gateway Mall organized the area. More security guards were deployed and FX Posts were created to separate commuters according to their destinations. People in effect have to fall in line to their respective destination. The boxing out and semi-stampede experiences diminished, but commuters have to endure the long lines of waiting as a trade-off.

I take FX taxis bound to San Mateo or Montalban that passes through the Marikina area. FX Taxis bound in my area do not come that often. In effect, I’m always forced to wait longer.

Just this night, I noticed a new security guard deployed in my usual FX post. The security guard was stricter than those I see before. When the right FX taxi finally arrived, the security guard counted 10 passengers in line. I was the second to the last to be counted. When I was finally seated, I noticed one lady who overtake the other people in line and got herself inside the FX Taxi. The security guard noticed the lady and instructed her to move out and return to her original location in the line. The lady refused to obey the security guard. The lady further replied, “Nakasakay na ako, tapos paalisin mo pa ako.” (As you could see, I am already seated and you’re still asking me to move out.) The security guard got upset, slammed the back door of the FX taxi where I am seated and accidentally hit my right knee. This now explains the bruise in my left knee.

The incident that I encountered depicts three important aspects in this life, Discipline, Obedience and Customer Service.

I commend the security guard for doing his job. Except for two mistakes, I think you tried your best to exempt no one from obeying rules and regulations. Your first mistake was to let go of the “taking advantage” lady. In this case, you chose to be a gentleman  which caused a trade off for firmly implementing the law. Your other minor mistake was your inability to keep your cool. My knee unfortunately became a casualty of your anger.

My message to security guard, always keep your cool man! At the end of the day, always remember that Customer Service really pays off. Although no one can perfectly follow the rule, please recall this in those trying times. Be courteous and respectful at all times. In that way, you could prove that you are the civilized, educated and the better citizen. You would emerge to be the more educated, than those well schooled passengers, who don’t even know how to fall in line.  I am working at a service oriented insitution too.  Believe me,  practice the right customer service and you will always be saved whenever trouble arises.

Obedience is more than its definition of complying with rules.  For me, obedience also means being respectful to both the authority and your neighbors. I know that this is the most overused phrases, but obedience to the law is one determinant in achieving a more livable country.

This is my silent  appeal to everyone. If you are disappointed with your government or even your workplace, at the very least, please practice obedience even to simple rules and regulations in public places. Let us not anymore add up to the chaotic and tiring environment we have.  My plea to the lady is please,  practice obedience and respect the authority and other tired passengers like you.

Obedience also begets discipline. It’s not enough to be obedient. It’s rather important to be a disciplined obedient person. To be obedient means not only once, twice or just to selected authorities and instances.  Discipline is the main element that would create that sustainable obedience.

I know that after I write this article, my experience could reincarnate to you and even to me, again and again… The only difference that could be made is how people and authority would handle the situation. I just hope that next time, Customer Service, Obedience and Disclipine will prevail.

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