You are my few, counted and best

I was not blessed with plenty of friends. I was rather blessed with a few, counted and best of friends.  I met her five years ago, as I was entering another chapter in my life. I never knew that as a new phase in my life unfolds, a new friendship is likewise about to unfurl.

From being a classmate, she became one of my greatest educators, adviser, listener, sister, shopping buddy and my preventive ego in many ways.  

As an educator, she everyone now and then relates to me her painful and joyful experiences in life. She would tell me how she suffered, laughed, enjoyed and learned things on her way. She would tell me her personal sentiments, imperfections and dreams for herself and her family. One thing I would never forget about her teachings is how to be confident, brave, strong, and laugh at your own mistakes. Bravery, which meant being able to withstand and confidently ignore what other people, would say. I was always conscious of what other people would say against me. She was however my extreme opposite. 

Having a Chinese blood, she likewise taught me some important and useful practices from their culture. Pearls are not lucky for the single females and giving sweets for newly wedded couples are just some of the few Chinese beliefs she taught me. How could I forget our Binondo escapades! Binondo may be negatively characterized for its narrow and crowded streets. But she made me admire Binondo the way it is. She introduced me to Salazar Bakery’s mini-tikoy. The tikoy strips and the tikoy with peanut fillings, I just love it.

As an adviser, she would constantly correct my mistakes, especially on overeating and buying food, which you can’t consume in the first place. She may not be the best person to consult about problems of the heart. However, she would really try her best to help me analyze situations and give the best possible advice.

She may not be the best adviser, but she redeems herself for being a great listener. She’s always the first of the few people who makes the effort to respond whenever I am troubled with problems and hardships in life. I hope I will be able to do the same for her. Whenever I am in those trying moments, sometimes I don’t really need sound advices. Having someone to listen and join you in those moments of agony would already suffice.  

She is my shopping buddy. She taught me a lot of things about shopping including the concept of those plastic rectangular devices, credit cards! She is now partly responsible from all my shopping swipes. She introduced to me the heaven of being able to fall in love and take home those shoes, clothes and bags.   

Lastly, she is my preventive ego. You read it right, not an alter ego. In some instances, I am always empowered with the idea of do it or regret later. When I once got struck with Mr. Someone, I exhausted all means to fulfill that dream. However, she was one of the few persons who keeps telling me, “no,” “no,” don’t do it. Later on, she said agreed with that plans but gave me the necessary precautions. Both that intentional and unintentional text messages sent changed my entire life. At some point, I was regretful for giving in too much and not listening to her. However, regardless that text message was sent or not, what I will rather regret in the future is the opportunity of not allowing her to enter in my life.

Today is your day girl! On your second year of being 30, I wish that you would have a great life ahead. You definitely deserve it. I hope that you will be given more opportunities to touch other’s people lives, in the same way you have marked in my life. I wish you more strength, good health and more, more, more PATIENCE girl! Good luck in all of your endeavors and I am looking forward for more malling, shopping and eating escapades with you. Thank you for the simple reason of coming to my life. Our other married and committed friends could have already forgotten us or are just too occupied with their own lives. However, one thing that I can promise you is that you will never be erased or set aside in my life. You are one of the few people who made me what I am today. Diane will never be the Diane without you. 

You are simply one of the few, counted, and best friends I have. Happy Birthday!


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