Is there’s something wrong with being Single, Savvy and Shopaholic?

One of the benefits of being single and available is the ease of managing your own time and schedule. Lesser commitments, less obligations and easy decision-making are perhaps one of the few and counted benefits of being single. Singlehood is limited to


 Being in a relationship brings a little more or should I say more complications in life. In a relationship typically means

 you – work – girlfriend or boyfriend / hubby or wifey -your family – his / her family – his /her friends – your friends.

The first week of July gave me reasons to realize that somehow I’m still lucky to be in the state of singlehood. I could easily manage my schedule and I could go out just when I want to.

 Monday, June 28, 2010 – Lani informed me that Jo wants to have a meet up on June 30, an unexpected holiday declared by the government. It’s been a while since I last saw my MBA girlfriends, so as always Miss Single and Available easily said, “”Yes and see you!”

 But before our June 30 meet up, I realized that I have other responsibilities to accomplish. I promised my friend Anna to make and deliver two notepads as gift for her friends. Apart from that, I need to drop by my dentist to have my coil springs fixed.  If I have other commitments, perhaps I could not have done things smoothly.

 I was able to meet Jo and Lani. Actually it was not just Jo and Lani. Jo brought with her Sophia (her daughter) and Lani was with Jasmin (her niece). We only spent a limited time together. Eat out at Jollibee (because of the kids), catching up stories and strolled for a while. If I were in Lani and Jo’s place, I would not have accomplished my other tasks well. I have to transfer to different types of public transportation, which is definitely not ideal when you are with kids.

 After our meet up, I walked around Landmark and bought a t-shirt just to suffice my effort of going to Trinoma. I think it’s more appropriate to call it to fulfill my shopaholic need!

 Saturday, July 3, 2010 – This was a planned meet-up with my college buddy, Gracie. It’s another meet up in another mall. Gracie arrived late so I had the chance to explore the shops on my own. SM Megamall then was hosting a three-day sale and it was heaven for me. I stayed at one of my favorite shops, Kamiseta, and was able to buy a yellow-checkered ruffled blouse, 50% off of its original price. If you were with Mr. Someone, he would never understand the heaven brought by the word “sale” to every member of the female populace.

When Gracie arrived, we ate Chicken Parmigiana and Cheesecake at French Baker and made a lot of catching up stories to death. We also managed to explore other shops that were on sale. Forever 21 also opened that day at SM Megamall. We noticed the long lines and initially we refused to try the shop. However, when it was already 7pm, the long lines were gone and we decided to give the shop a try. I tried two leggings, which unfortunately did not fit me. However, seeing the long lines at the fitting room made me again realize some perks of being single. Mr. Somone would definitely never understand and have the patience to fall in line to fit 3 or more clothes. Mind you girls, the lines were yards, yards, yards long!    


After once battling the long lines at Forever 21, I decided to call it quits. It’s a day for Gracie and me. However, when I saw a black capri pants at Cache Cache, Gracie and I went inside shop. The pair of pants was 70%. From Php 800, it’s now down to Php 200. Fortunately, the lone size left fits me. It was my second purchase on a “sale” day.  This only proves that part of being single is becoming shopaholic and why not? Apart from family and savings, shopping is the next best activity that fits the singles. Shopping is likewise one of the limited activities where singles could indulge. Not all people, especially the male populace, could understand the therapy which shopping brings to all the single ladies.  But I think everything lies on the simplest explanation that by getting the materials things you like, you will eventually be in a state of experiencing a little or material-based satisfaction. Other than your family and friends, no one else could really make you happy. Getting the things you want out of your hard-earned money is the next best thing for most of the Miss Single and Available.

Sunday July 3, 2010 – It’s the last day of the weekend and I was hoping to get a complete rest day. Just when I thought it was already rest day, Anne texted me, “meet up with anna?” It has been months since the three of us went out together. Even though my legs are really tired, I replied, “see you 3pm.” This would be another catching up session, malling and shopping opportunity again.

I was conditioning myself not to buy anything. I thought I would be able to really control myself, not until when we saw the Ipanemas and Grendhas.  My friend Anne has been wishing to purchase that pair of flat black pumps of Grendha. I fell in love to a pair of white and lavender Ipanema sandals. Anna liked the silver jelly sandals from Ipanema too. So after some convincing actions, all of us bought our footwear through my credit card’s zero percent interest and six months installment program.  A pair of sandal for Php 1,600 is too much for me one payday. Thanks to my credit cards, another girlfriend of every single and shopaholic lady like me.

Anna, Anne and me initially ate at Red Ribbon – Robinson’s Metroeast because we wanted to try their new cake frap. However, it wasn’t available in that branch. Though we still ate at Red Ribbon, we never gave up looking for another branch that offers the cake fraps. Our next stop was the nearby Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall. Luckily, the branch of Red Riboon at Sta. Lucia have cake fraps. Yehey! The three of us pigged out again! Well, if you’re with a hubby or honey, you could have given up on the first try at Robinson’s Metroeast. Lucky for us singles because we get what we really wanted!

After the story sharing and frap session, Anne and Anna still managed to accompany me to purchase my long wished leggings. I was able to find the leggings that perfectly fit me while Anna was able to purchase a pair of swim wear. This activity would not have been undertaken if not because of my girlfriends. If you have a male partner, he could have said quits and let’s go home, long before the frap session.

Overall I could say that being single, especially if you are a female, savvy and shopaholic allows one to celebrate and enjoy womanhood better. This meant lesser complications and more time for yourself and your family. However as the saying goes,  some good things always come to an end. I believe that you cannot be single forever. No man is an island or for the basic reason that at some point we all need companionship in life. All of us grow old and over time you tend to diminish your youth and energy. In the future, you cannot anymore withstand commuting, driving and walking around the mall for hours. You and your girlfriends will all undergo that process of deterioration or aging. When the time comes that you are already weak but still single, you might eventually value and realize the importance of companionship.

 So I would like to post this question now, is there really something wrong with being single, savvy and shopaholic?


4 thoughts on “Is there’s something wrong with being Single, Savvy and Shopaholic?

  1. mmm….. ang sarap ng pasta na kinain nyo.. ung cafe lidia session natin ni anne hah.. that’s the priviledge of being single.. walang kabusugan.. hehe!

  2. of course there’s nothing wrong in being single!!!! kahit for life.. pwede!!!!!! dreaming the days that i can buy all i want!!!! and eat all i want!!!! may pag ka self centered ata!!! heheheh!!!!

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