The Story of Notepads Unlimited (A Repost)

I am sharing to you the story of my online business, Notepads Unlimited.  I originally drafted this post for Notepads Unlimited’s blog at multiply and blogger. As you could see. I’m kind of a blog addict ;-). However, with a recent not-so-good experience with blogger, google and adsense, I am thinking of transfering Notepads Unlimited’s blogger account here at Word Press.  

The idea of establishing Notepads Unlimited came when I wanted to purchase personalized notepads from a Facebook contact. Upon learning the price of the personalized notepad, I refused to make the purchase. After some time, I realized that I am capable to produce such personalized notepads. Using the Internet as my primary source of information, I searched for procedures, materials and suppliers on how to produce a notepad.

Another reason that prompted me to pursue Notepads Unlimited is my two-year-old-idle printer at home. Two years ago when I was still writing my masteral thesis, I was forced to purchase my own printer. After I finished my MBA, that printer became a mere piece of useless equipment. I was thinking of already selling the printer. However, when the idea of selling notepads came I realized that my idle printer would serve as my stepping-stone in experiencing my own real business.

Around January 2010, I earned spare money from being a thesis defense panelist. I used my spare income to purchase a paper cutter and a new ink cartridge. With that initial investment, I started printing sample notepads for my friends. Those give away samples, opened the first orders for Notepads Unlimited. I considered my friends and contacts as my initial target customers. Right then, I also constructed a Facbeook fan page and a multiply account for Notepads Unlimited.

Notepads Unlimited is still new in the business. I also admit that I’m still learning the ropes of having an online and direct selling business. But I believe that there are more opportunities waiting for Notepads Unlimited and me! In the near future, Notepads Unlimited is looking forward in offering more paper related products such as personalized notebooks, organizers and calendars.

My Notepads Unlimited’s site:


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