My First Personalized Notepad

I got my first personalized notepad back in first year high school. If I am not mistaken, the Marian Missionary of the Holy Cross was the organization that sold the personalized notepads to our school. Each section was given a copy of a one-page catalog printed on a long white piece of cardboard. In between subjects or even during classes, the piece of cardboard was discretely passed around. Even though there were only a few designs to choose from, all of us were very interested and excited to purchase. The designs of the notepads were actual pictures of male and female kids. The pictures I remembered looked like those old Hallmark cards.  The pictures occupied the entire notepad and are watermarked in color pink, violet, and peach.  Apart from the choice of design, we were allowed to have our name printed in the notepad.

The odd thing about those notepads is that everyone was so excited despite the limited choices for design. I ordered one pad and I must admit, I was not contented. 😦 I really wanted to order more. Each notepad costs Php 50, equivalent to my daily allowance. During those times, I was not given spare money unless it is needed for school related expenses. Since I have only one pad, I have to use my notepad wisely. While all of my classmates were using their notepad everyday, I left mine at home. I was very reluctant to use my very first personalized notepad. But ask me where and what happened to that notepad? I don’t know. All that’s left for me is the story of my first personalized notepad.

Diane of Notepads Unlimited, just sharing my notepad story


4 thoughts on “My First Personalized Notepad

  1. I’m a fan of your’ s from now on!!!! I love reading your page!! Hope to be like you someday!!!!! tc olways!!!!!!!

    • Maraming Salamat (Thank you) Susie!!!! Now I know, other than some of my friends, there are still other people who appreciate me. 😉

  2. I remember this Diane! Reading this made me realize that I have been thrift-spending myself ever since I was young. Much as I wanted stationeries, I didn’t buy one for myself because back then P50 was already quite a fortune for me. Hehe…

    • Thrift spending, that’s my problem now actually. Ever since I discovered the happiness of shopping and the magic of credit cards. hahahaha

      Pero at least d lang ako yung nakakaalala sa notepads ni Fr. Jerome. I hope your kids will inherit this trait of yours. I would love to meet them someday too.

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