First Pieces for Notepads Unlimited

I admit that Notepads Unlimited had a sluggish start. I wanted to start Notepads Unlimited since June 2009, barely 6 months I started to become addicted to Facebook ;-)! I am from the Philippines who used to be a Friendster country.  😉  I started searching for supplies and materials for producing a notepad. The first supply I searched was a padding glue! I do not even know that time that the material used to bind the leaves of the notepad is a padding glue. (Now you know it too ;-)) It was only early this year when I accidentally discovered the term padding glue and where to purchase it. One lunchtime, me and my lone officemate went out to purchase catalog envelopes. I found a red liquid material contained in a small translucent white jar. I asked my friend if this is thing you use to bind pieces of paper to a pad. That is when I learned that such material is called a padding glue.

Apart from the padding glue, I soon got to purchase a paper cutter. If not because of my spare income as a defense panelist, I would not have been able to purchase a paper cutter and a new ink cartridge. After that, I felt I am ready to get things moving!

As soon as I went home, I printed one notepad sample and tried to produce one pad. My first notepad attempt? Not really that disastrous but definitely needs a lot of improvement :-))! The first notepad I printed was a “mommy notepad.” A notepad for my friend, Wella, who happens to be a mom of two beautiful kids.

I was unhappy of my first output. I produced another notepad, this time for my friend, Lani. I was improving! It wasn’t anymore as awful as my first output.

Later on, I printed samples for my other friends and other close workplace buddies. I gave out the samples, took pictures of the notepads using just my lousy 2mp camera phone, uploaded them in Facebook to take advantage of free promotion and was hoping to get orders from immediate contacts.

My promotional strategy in Facebook and my give away samples went a bit successful. My first clients were my workplace friends, Tinee and Abigail. I will never forget you guys; you started business for Notepads Unlimited!

Gradually, I am starting to get orders from my Facebook Contacts. They particularly include former students, long lost friends, and former college classmates. Although I was hoping to get more clients through my multiply account,

Most of my orders came from my immediate contacts in Facebook. Through this blog and “word of mouth” I am looking forward for more orders for Notepads Unlimited.


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